Below are the ways we can help you to increase the sales of your products and services Worldwide

Why advertise in Foundry Gate?
- Reaches directly the metal/mechanic industry supply chain worldwide and in particular the foundries field;
- More than 14000 people registered in the Newsletters;
- Around 8000 pages views / month;

Plan 1: Search Highlight.

At the result of a search in the site, your Company will appear in highlight, before the one registered free of charge. Name, logo, telephone, mail address, internet address with a link to your company, the e-mail and a description about the Organization, Fair or Event will be exhibited. Investment: USD 99.00/year

Example of how your company will appear at our site:


Foundry Gate 

Foundry Gate is a Company with focus on the Metallurgical Supply Chain. Our aim is to make easier the job of all players of the Metallurgical and Mechanical field. Among other activities we do the Metallurgy/Mechanical field´s Marketing. In our site you can find Foundries from over the World, Suppliers, Technical Papers, Job Opportunities and much more.

Address: Foundry Street, 1415 - Sao Paulo

Country: Brasil

Contact us

Edomar Manske


55 47 9 9974 0929




Foundry street, 1415

City / Region

Sao Paulo

State / Province / Area




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Plan 2: Banner in the Pages (120 x 80):
The Company´s banner will appear in the site with a link to your site. The banners will be displayed with 120 x 80 pixels. Similar to those you see at the right side of this page. Each seven days you will receive a report about the number of times the banner was exposed and clicked. Investment = US$235.00/year

Plan 3: Banner 210 x 200 in the main page (Home).
Your Company’s banner will appear with a link to your site. Your banner will appear randomly when the Home page is displayed. No more than 5 banners will rotate in this place. To see the example click on “Home” at your left side. Each seven days you will receive a report about the number of times the banner was exposed and clicked. Investment = US$119.00/month.

Plan 4: Remark in our Newsletter:
A press release about your Company, Event, Fair, Product, etc, with up to 5 lines, will be issued in our Newsletter sent to more than 8400 registered e-mails. A link to the whole text in our site will be available. The text with pictures, logo, contacts, etc will be issued in our site and will stay there "forever".  Links at ours Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook will be included. Investment: US$ 99.00 each issue. 

Plan 5: Newsletter Special Edition.
A special edition of our newsletter with a press release about your Company, Event, Fair, Product, etc, with about 50 lines, will be send to all our more than 8400 readers in English and/or more than 8000 in Portuguese language. The only one subject send will be about your Company, Event, Product or Service. Pictures and logo can be also issued. The subject will stay in the site for at least one year. Links at ours Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook will be included. Investment: US$237.00/issue.

Plan 6: General advertisement.

If you have equipment to sell or need to buy new or used equipment, or would like to advertise your services among the metallurgical community, we can help you. In the same way, if you want to hire a professional or would like to face new challenge in other company, we can connect you with lot of people around the World. Your advertise or need will be issued in one edition of our Newsletter and will stay in our site for six (06) Months. 
Investment: US$99.00/issue

Plan 7: Banner in the Newsletter.
The banner (120x80 pixels) will be exposed at the top of our newsletter send to the thousands of reads in English and/or in Portuguese language. A link to your website or e-mail will be added .
Investment: US$139.00 each issue.

Example of banner size in the Newsletter.

Plan 8. Free of charge. Your company will appear at FOUNDRIES or SUPPLIERES page so: 
  In  . 
Clicking on the company name, a contact information will appear with a link to and internet or e-mail address. 

The payment can be done through Pay Pal system (very safe, easy and reliable), Alipay (China), bank transfer, money order or other form more suitable for you.

If you need any further information please, contact us clicking on the "CONTACT US" button at your left.