The occupiers are preparing to export stolen Ukrainian goods through the port of Kherson

Issued at 2022-06-20

The so-called "administration" of the Russian-occupied Kherson Oblast announced the resumption of operation of the commercial seaport and cargo transhipment.

This was reported by Russian mass propaganda media, with reference to the so-called Military-Civil Administration of the temporarily occupied Kherson region.

"The Kherson Commercial Seaport has resumed its work and is preparing for cargo transhipment. Infrastructure is being restored, repairs are being carried out, and preparations are underway to resume full-fledged work," the criminals said in a statement.

Andrii Kharytonov was appointed the so-called head of the port.


Russian invaders trying to partially restore the port in occupied Mariupol, where Ukrainian metal and grain are located, which signals the enemy's intention to export stolen Ukrainian property.

According to the director of Port Barskyi, as of February 23, there were about 200 thousand tons of metal and pig iron on the territory of the port, the cost of which reaches 170 million. Grain was significantly less-3.4 thousand tons in warehouses and another 9 thousand tons on a foreign-flagged ship at one of the berths.

Subsequently, the satellite recorded the movement of vessels in the temporarily occupied port of Mariupol, which the Russian invaders can use to export Ukrainian metal and grain.