DITTA MUSTO is the brand name of the Italian leading supplier of fabricated steel crucibles for magnesium and non ferrous alloys and equipment related to these items.

As a leader in these fields , our production has a great reputation for their quality and costs. The Company was founded in 1965 by the father of one of the two owners, but during the last 10 years Ditta Musto has improved the manufacturing processes in order to raise the bar on quality and lifetime. Ditta Musto tries to apply all new technologies in production and supports customers with all information about new materials. Ditta Musto works to support the customers in all their needs and collaborates with them to reach a leading competitive position.

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CONTACT US Patrizia Musto
Phone +39 051945811 ext. 2
Website http://
Address VIA MOLISE 26/28
City / Region BOLOGNA
Country Italy

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