The 2nd Global Foundry Forum & 3rd “Belt & Road” Cooperation & Development Forum on Foundry Capacity

Issued at 2018-04-24

With the theme of “Improve International Cooperation, Realize Sustainable Development”, the 2nd Global Foundry Forum and“Belt & Road” Cooperation and Development Forum will be held at the same period from May 16-17 in Beijing for the first time. We will invite more than 60 representatives from BRICS, countries and regions along “Belt and Road”, and developed foundry markets including Germany, US, France, Japan as well as nearly 200 Chinese foundrymen to attend the forum.

China is the largest casting production nation in the world, reaching 47.2 million tons of castings in 2016 which accounts for 45% of the world total. China has the ability to produce a whole industry chain of foundry equipment independently and has a variety of raw and auxiliary materials. On one side, the new requirements of environmental protection policies, occupational health and safety, the adjustments of industrial layout and the changing resources cost, will bring a deep influence on the world foundry industry. On the other, China needs to introduce more advanced foundry equipments, materials and techniques from overseas to strengthen international cooperation and serve the foundry markets under “Belt and Road” initiative.

The Forum will provide a platform to discuss how to efficiently make use of both the international and Chinese market in order to promote the high-quality and win-win cooperation for the global foundry industry.

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Source: Foundry Planet