Issued at 2017-08-19

The congress is a great opportunity to meet leaders, managers, leaders, engineers and technicians of the foundry chain in Brazil and throughout Latin America, expand the network and update information on the state of art of the foundry and its suppliers in Brazil.

The interconnected world economy has undergone radical transformations like never before and we are rapidly crossing eras without the sedimentation of the previous era. Today we are in something like the "shuffled" transition of the knowledge age and the new collaborative economy of sharing.

These are the two main reasons for participating, do not miss the opportunity to "drink at the source" and share new knowledge. Three days out of the factory in contact with other professionals in the industry is an excellent opportunity to renew knowledge and exchange experiences.

The ambience of the congress is also fantastic for reviewing colleagues or making new relationships, for those who have now arrived in the area. It is very important to cultivate and nurture the network, because those who are not seen are not remembered.

The international manufacturers of equipment and services are an opportunity to identify who will make new investments and which will be the areas mainly served.

It is important to visit the fair and invest some time talking with the exhibitors, to update on the trends of the equipment and technological innovations.

In this world of new economy, the associative, collaborative and globalized spirit is increasingly fundamental.

The CONAF / FENAF will take place from 26 to 29 September at Expo Center Norte.
Access the site to know the complete program.

Source: Ricardo Pugliesi - Tecnomarket Consulting