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Brazilian pig iron export prices stable amid fresh deals

Export prices for Brazilian pig iron were unchanged this week amid renewed trading activity, but producers will be seeking price increases in their next deals. "Prices will continue to increase due to the global uptrend in steel and steelmaking raw... Read more

Technology › Corrosion, Oxidation Resistance of High-Temperature Heating Alloys

Since the development of commercial electric heating elements at the beginning of the 20th century, oxidation and corrosion resistance have been primary goals in the creation of new high-temperature resistance and construction alloys and ceramic materials.   The first accepted production-quality... Read more

Foundry › Raw material supply shortages lead to increased selling prices for organic binder systems

A substantial shortage of several key raw materials in recent weeks has led to significant developments in raw material prices with suppliers issuing statements about the situation. To compensate substantial price increases for such crucial materials like MDI or furfuryl... Read more

Automotive › Aluminum Content Growth in North American Light Vehicles 2016 To 2028

Over the next decade, automakers will continue to increase the adoption of high-strength, low weight aluminum in new car and truck construction at a faster pace than any time in history. A survey of automakers conducted by Ducker Worldwide reaffirmed... Read more

Foundry › Status and Vision of the Japan Foundry Industry

1. The status of the Japan foundry industryIn 2015, the total output of the Japan foundry industry was 5.4 million tons, which was the fourth largest production volume in the world. The production value was 1,951.2 billion yen. Looking at... Read more


Since the beginning of 2017, the Italian foundry equipment manufacturer SAVELLI Technologies s.r.l. is part of the KÜTTNER Group. KÜTTNER, as a specialist in foundry plant construction, completed its green sand activities through the takeover of this historical company. Today,... Read more


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