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Peak Castings: India won't save the day

China has driven castings demand and production growth over the past decade, adding 21.2 Million MTPA of production from 2005 until 2015. China now accounts for about 45% of the world's castings production. But, as pointed out in my earlier... Read more

Foundry › New chief executive for Vesuvius

Vesuvius plc, a global leader in molten metal flow engineering, has announced that Patrick André, president flow control, is to succeed François Wanecq, who is retiring, as chief executive with effect from 1st September 2017 and will join the board... Read more

Pig Iron › Brazilian pig iron export prices up on fresh deals, offers

Metal Bulletin’s weekly price assessment for Minas Gerais-origin pig iron widened upward to $350-360 per tonne fob on Friday August 25, from last week’s range of $350-355 per tonne fob. At least one deal involving pig iron produced in Brazil’s... Read more


The congress is a great opportunity to meet leaders, managers, leaders, engineers and technicians of the foundry chain in Brazil and throughout Latin America, expand the network and update information on the state of art of the foundry and its... Read more

Pig Iron › Brazilian pig iron export prices stable amid fresh deals

Export prices for Brazilian pig iron were unchanged this week amid renewed trading activity, but producers will be seeking price increases in their next deals. "Prices will continue to increase due to the global uptrend in steel and steelmaking raw... Read more

Technology › Corrosion, Oxidation Resistance of High-Temperature Heating Alloys

Since the development of commercial electric heating elements at the beginning of the 20th century, oxidation and corrosion resistance have been primary goals in the creation of new high-temperature resistance and construction alloys and ceramic materials.   The first accepted production-quality... Read more


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